Friday, November 11, 2011


Next weekend is Via Colori, the street painting festival for the Center for Hearing and Speech. Yesterday, I picked up the artist packet and found out that the sponsor for my square is Saint Arnold, which is a huge thrill, as I'm a big fan of the Saint.

The Amazing Reese is helping me by overlaying a grid on the image of the painting I'll use this year. Not on the actual painting, on a photo of the painting, which we will then get laminated at Kinko's, which I just found out is not Kinko's, it's now Fed Ex. How do I miss these things?

The last few years of Via Colori, I've worn the same pair of stretchy jeans, which in anticipation of this event, I tried on the other day. They no longer fit. This is an eternal dilemma -- do I go buy the next size up? For this event, with all of the bending involved, it's imperative to be in comfortable, movable clothes. I had debated going to Goodwill to buy some old scrubs -- those would be comfortable -- but who are we kidding, they are NOT attractive. And by golly, since I'll be on display all day, I want to look good. Ah, what to do what to do?

The last things to gather for next weekend are a chalk line, tape measure, masking tape, non latex gloves, baby wipes, a hat, sunscreen, a small whisk broom, and a back brace.

I'm still debating whether or not to paint a practice square in the driveway....

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