Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

It was a break all right. All of the food for our Thanksgiving feast was prepared by our daughters and guests. I didn't do a thing except open the front door.

At the last minute I started whipping the cream for the pumpkin pie right before someone took a candid photo of everyone in the kitchen. Erin quickly took over whipping duties so that it didn't look like I contributed to the meal. Go Erin! Isn't that how it always is, though? Everyone ends up all crowded in the kitchen together? I love it.

Mimi and Papa came to town for a few days. We only remembered to take a group picture after Reese had gone back to work on Friday and before the girls went off to Agora to study. Our daughters have been patrons of Agora for years and now Anna also works there. It's a groovy gathering place that serves coffee, tea, wine, beer, Greek pastries, free wi-fi, and friendly fellowship.

Mimi and Papa are seen here posing with their granddaughters and grandpoodles.

We borrowed Hilary's laptop to Skype with my little brother, Stephen, in Hawaii. That was fun. He's out there working behind the scenes on the new Hawaii Five-0 TV show.

All of the university students had papers to write and studying to do. It was a quiet end to a wonderful break. I am full of thanksgiving.

Thank you all!


htownjenny said...

Cute pics! Hey, is one of those poodles a parti poodle? My mom wants one.....

Indy C. said...

It's always a delight to read you!!! :) I'm so glad you all got together and enjoy the day -filled with His great blessings!!

PS. We miss you!!!

Sarah Hazel said...

Yes, Jenny! Erin's poodle is a parti. He's a rescue dog, as is Tilly.

Thanks, Indy. We miss y'all, too.

Reese said...

It was an AWESOME time! (in spite of the fact that I was sick) Thanks Mike and Deb and our wonderful daughters for all of the AMAZING food. Sorry Mimi, Sarah and Joy for passing on the awful cold I had.

erinhazel said...

Lovely pictures. I've had a cold for the past couple of days too! But the trip to see you all was totally worth it.