Friday, February 03, 2012

Gray Matters

Taking care of business:

1. Putting the finishing touches on Texas Grey, a 22" x 28" oil on linen. I actually started this painting last summer. Don't know why it took so long to complete. (?) Oh, snap. Yes, I do! One of my artist friends recently gave me a tip on how to mix greys. I tried her suggestion and voila! The painting was suddenly finished.

2. Painting the edges black on recent paintings. Looking at these three portraits, I can see stylistic similarities. For an artist, that's a good thing. Part of the similarities are due to the fact that when the models posed they were in the studio, which has this muted greenish blue wall, hence the background color.

3. Adding finishing touches to this still life, a quince, 9" x 11" oil on canvas. When I first painted this, it didn't have the middle stamen part because I couldn't see it. Yes, my eyesight is not great. I am not a fan of painting details, the biggest reason being that I can't see them.

4. Painting the 1/2" plywood base for the glass mosaic table top I'm starting. This is the "water" under painting for the mosaic that will be created on top of this. Does that make sense?


Jennifer said...

I'm wondering: how did the glass mosaic table top turn out? (or did I miss it?) Love and thanks for the inspiration en energy.
x x x


Sarah Hazel said...

The glass mosaic table top project was put on hold. It's still going to happen, just not yet.

I love your site, by the way. You are an inspiration. :)