Friday, March 30, 2012

Day Dreams

First, (maybe, perhaps, if I remember) go buy a lottery ticket, pick some winning numbers, win, and then figure out how to spend the money. Joy and I discussed spending mega millions at length this morning. It's a bucket list of sorts. Here are some of the highlights.

1. go to Paris
2. go to a friend's wedding in The Netherlands
3. go to a friend's wedding in California
4. visit the erupting volcano on the Big Island in Hawaii
5. re-model the house which would include:
a. new kitchen
b. new plumbing
c. new bathroom
d. new windows
6. go to Aspen
7. visit all family members
8. walk the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela
9. hire a maid and
10. personal chef
11. pay all educational expenses for our daughters
12. new car for Reese
13. see the migrating monarch butterflies in Mexico
14. host a big party at Saint Arnold Brewery
(OK, I might not hire a maid and personal chef, but it would be nice if someone else cleaned the bathroom every now and then.)

1. go to school
2. new bicycle
3. reliable car
4. buy lots of outdoor equipment such as
a. rock climbing gear
b. camping equipment
c. hiking gear
5. buy a lake house
6. go skydiving and
7. bungee jumping
8. buy a boat
9. and a jet ski
10. donate money
11. buy new clothes
12. give money to family members
13. decide where to live and buy a house there, probably in Austin

These are dreams. With hard work, dedication, and perseverance, most of these can actually come true. But if a bunch of extra money fell in our laps RIGHT NOW, these are some of the things we would do without having to sweat the small (big) stuff. How about you? How would you spend your mega millions?


Betsy said...

I did buy a ticket, and also went in with a group at work.
1) ensure family members have what they need.
2) retire early
3) pay off mortgage
4) retire early
5) pay off all other debt
6) retire early
7) buy a beach house
8) retire early
9) travel the U.S. to visit family I have seen in eons.
10) retire early

Sarah Hazel said...

It seems like you want to retire early. :)
Come see us in Texas!