Friday, April 20, 2012

List Talk, More Action

For whatever reason, I've been a little more scatterbrained than usual lately. This is the point where keeping a list would come in handy. I used to do that all the time, but have gotten out of practice. It's time to start again. The easiest place to keep track of a list would be here, which I'm reluctant to do because the right people might read it, and correctly assume that I'm thinking of them, and it's just not the right time to reveal those things that are on the list. One thing that is OK to say is that there are nine unthought of paintings to be painted for different events, the last of which culminates in August.

Also, I keep forgetting to take my camera when out and about, and have missed several photo opportunities because of it. This was especially a bummer last night because even without an art car of my own, I was invited to the Art Car kick off party at the Continental Club. The people watching was spectacular!

 One of the things on my bucket list (more list talk) is to make an art car of my own, and drive it in the parade. Before I can even think about creating an art car, there's the issue of having an extra car just for fun. We're not really the type of people who collect cars, whatever that means. But, I have a few hundred dollars (unspent as of yet) in the art budget....maybe it's time to put up or shut up. Anyone know of a good used car that can be purposed as an art car that I can get for next to nothing?

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