Monday, June 04, 2012


Like many people (?), my interests and passions have changed over the years. A rather large chunk of my life was devoted to gardening once upon a time. No more. Certainly not exclusively,  but usually if a plant is in the ground, especially native plants, they tend to grow regardless of care or most recently around this house, a lack thereof.

My garden was never formal or organized. It was for the most part a specimen garden. I wanted to grow as many unique plants as our space allowed. The garden flourished as long as it was watered on a regular basis. But who wants to water all of the time? Plus, here in Houston we've had several extreme seasons in a row -- freezing winters and exceedingly hot summers. The garden still hasn't recovered but what do I care?

OK, I care a little bit. Which is why, when daughter Anna pointed out this vine growing into our house from outside a few weeks ago, I didn't have the heart to yank it out. From what I remember, it's a Mexican flame vine....which has a lovely orange flower and if it blooms inside, that'll just be a bonus.  The trellis on which it was originally growing was blown down in  a hurricane (Rita, Katrina, or Ike) a few years ago and never replaced. It's hot outside -- again. Where else is it supposed to go?

Welcome home, little vine. I will love you and hug you and call you George. Just kidding -- but not really.


Sue Donaldson said...

I agree...Let it stay and bloom. What a treat to have it bloom inside too.

Sarah Hazel said...

If it blooms inside I'll take a photo and let everyone know!

Margaret Simon said...

I like your form of gardening. I love it best when an unexpected plant with a flower just appears. Reminds me of who is really in charge.

Sarah Hazel said...

My "let them eat cake" form of gardening? I do believe that to whom much is given much is required....but I'm not sure if neglecting to water, prune, and mulch a garden is meant by this. :)