Thursday, June 21, 2012

Name that Cat

Trying to catch up on the business side of art, I've been working toward getting paintings ready for public. There are a few things on the horizon, nothing certain yet,  but there's always hope.

It's easy to forget these little details - painting the edges black, adding hooks and wires to the back, and signing my name. Some of these paintings have been unsigned for over a year and a half, which if it weren't for this blog, I honestly would have no clue. This tiny little insignificant blog is the best record keeper ever, for me.

Signing ones name takes a surprising amount of time.To be sure, I'm a little picky about how it looks on a painting - it's so permanent - so great care is taken to get it just right. Today's haul was 16 paintings worth. Between signing and adding hooks and wires to some, and cleaning up afterwards, it took the whole afternoon.

There's more to do. There's always more. That's a good thing.


Jennifer said...

It seems a brave thing to do, signing your work, after all the work you put into it painting.
I never put my name on a painting or drawing I made but maybe that's why I'm not a real artist and you are. Good luck with upcoming things. Love, Jennifer

Sarah Hazel said...

It seems brave to me, too. At some point one has to let go and signing my name is a big part of that process.