Monday, January 28, 2013

Human Hamster Wheel

Not just for hamsters anymore, local artist and new friend James Ciosek created a human sized hamster wheel as part of a series of his called Icons and Symbology, which will include ten or so total pieces when the series is complete. It's on display at Lawndale Art Center until March 2nd.

I was there last Friday as an enthusiastic volunteer for opening night and heard James tell people about this hamster wheel all night long but darned if I can remember exactly what he said. The gist of it is that he plans to super size everyday objects so that our perception of their use and purpose is challenged (or something like that.) What I can say about it is that this is a FUN interactive art piece and if you get the chance, by all means sign the waiver, jump in, and channel your inner hamster.

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Hilary Hazel said...

Um, you and I need to go there together when I am in town next week.