Monday, February 11, 2013

More Fried Chicken

My quest to find the best fried chicken in town has led me to two more places -- Hay Merchant and Barbeque Inn - yes, fried chicken at Barbeque Inn. From what I've tasted so far, it might be hard to beat Barbeque Inn's fried chicken. Ah, it was boiling lava hot fresh but served with a bland iceberg salad and some other forgettable side. Truly, I've forgotten what the other side was.
Barbeque Inn - hot, crispy, tasty
But the Hay Merchant - oh my goodness - the fried chicken was crispy and under seasoned EXCEPT that it was served over the most amazing macaroni and cheese I've ever tasted in my life....and I don't even like macaroni and cheese! That macaroni and cheese has an addictive chemical in it that makes me crave it fortnightly.

Hay Merchant - best macaroni and cheese EVER!
The waiter also recommended a lovely sour cherry flavored Belgian beer that matched perfectly with the buttery, creamy, cheesy macaroni. I can't stop thinking about that macaroni and cheese. mmmm. Hay Merchant's fried chicken might be under seasoned on purpose just so that it doesn't overpower the macaroni and cheese. Who knows? I'm definitely going back to both places but am still on the lookout for other restaurants to try. Any more suggestions?

Final thought - if these two restaurants would combine talents, Barbeque Inn's fried chicken and Hay Merchant's macaroni and cheese, it would be a winning combination.

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