Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fiesta Forever

Mexicans are very enthusiastic about life. Celebrations and festivals start with booming cannon fire way too early in the morning, and continue long into the night with sporadic, yet continuous fireworks. By the end of our week in Mexico this past summer, I was yelling, "Viva la revoluciĆ³n!" at each thunderous bang. (Though corrected for my ignorance of the actual date of the Mexican revolution, the loud booms naturally prompted my visceral response, especially considering that we were in Mexico, and my "command" of the Spanish language is limited to various, easy-to-learn phrases.)

Several charming evenings were spent on the rooftop terrace of our rented casa in San Miguel this past summer; telling stories, laughing, and watching the sun set. Just to the south, the view included the tree in the above painting. Maybe it was the cerveza, or the combination of loud and continuous fireworks with a cerveza, but this tree looks as if it celebrates all that is wonderful about Mexico. Hearty and firmly rooted in Mexican soil, it trembles in excitement as if a Mexican fiesta has exploded in it's branches.

Which is true....we also used the same tree for Joy's birthday piƱata.


mcoker said...

What an awesome painting. The Mexican culture is awesome as well. The food, celebrations, sense of family/community, and the siestas!!! That's some good stuff.

Sol said...

Wonderful tree. I love hearing the Mexicans shoot ogg their guns in celebration in our neighborhood!

Sarah Hazel said...

This is the tree from the complimentary compliments blog entry.

It used to freak us out when the Hispanics in our old neighborhood shot off their guns on new year's eve. Once, a bullet landed on the hood of a car not five feet from where we were standing.

Indy C. said...

Hi, Sarah!
I'm very glad you enjoyed Mexico so much in one of my favorite towns: San Miguel although I've never been for patriotic festivities and I can imagine what an ambiance!
Hugs and my best wishes for a new year fill of blessings!

Sarah Hazel said...

INDY!!! Muchos besitos. You are one of the reasons that I love Mexico so much.