Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Tribe Report

Martin de Vore's column in Art Valet has the first mention of the group show at Earth Gallery of which I am a part. Click on the title to see the whole page. His preview below:

Sacred Spaces and Beauty of the Everyday

Aren't those kind of the same? Well, at least to a landscape painter. But maybe not to you. Judge for yourself. Come to Earth Gallery and check out their February Group Show on Saturday, February 17, from 6-9 p.m. Phillip Tague and Mandy Tague describe it this way: "When we can appreciate and see beauty in the everyday, we are making the most of the possibilities around us. When we create sacred spaces, we are healing and nurturing ... making the most of ourselves. This shows artist motivation and works are about Sacred Spaces and the Beauty of Everyday Life." Featuring the work of Sarah Hazel, Shirley Bianchi, Leslie Entsminger, Monique Weston and critically acclaimed Russian artist, Yaver Sultanov, the festivities concide with the new moon and eve of the Chinese New Year! Earth Gallery is located at 365 W. 19th Street in The Heights. For more information about Sacred Spaces and Beauty of the Everyday visit the Web site at or call (713) 880-2121.

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mcoker said...

The "Art Battle" sounds super interesting. I wonder what that entails? Timed projects with judging?