Thursday, January 25, 2007


Martha asked,

"Are you painting anything new, and can I come see?"

"Of course!" I answered.

We walked through the house to the studio and I showed my sweet friend Martha the newest painting. When most people come over to see the paintings, we spend a few minutes looking around, and then move to other topics of conversation. Assuming this was the drill, I pointed to the newest painting, then quickly moved to another painting when Martha said,

"Wait....I'm not finished looking at this one, yet."

She paused, thoughtfully considered the painting in front of her, and then proceeded to discuss the choice and use of color, the brushstrokes, the emotion of the painting, the style as compared to other paintings, the influence and was amazing. There I was listening to a small lecture on my own painting(s), and I wasn't even the guest lecturer! She then moved on to talk about other paintings of mine and their similarities and differences. She had some specific theories concerning my use of color that I confirmed were basically true. What is so curious now looking back on it was that Martha was analyzing me through my paintings! Not that there's anything wrong with that, it was just a different and new experience.


Kim said...

thanks for the comment. For more info on how I ended up in Alaska, you can visit my personal blog at Look in the side bar under My profile for a link
I'm from the hillcountry n of SA.

I need to get out my paints and do a painting... its been too long.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I should have made that last class to at least say "good-bye" to Fredrick. That was the day it rained so hard where I live and I decided not to drive in it. This is Karen from class. I picked anonymous, because I don't have a blogger id or website...I am THE anonymous one.

Sarah Hazel said...

The weather couldn't have been helped on that day. It was messy outside.