Thursday, April 03, 2008

"Miss Sonya"

Miss Sonya runs a little restaurant in Negril, Jamaica. I'm pretty sure we ate something that day with ackee, maybe conch soup, or jerk chicken...or all of the above. The food was amazing, yet secondary to Miss Sonya's hospitality. She came out of the kitchen more than once to see how we were enjoying our meal, always with this big smile on her face.

This painting has been planned for just shy of two years. This is what I painted when I woke up and thought of my daughter asking is it some day today?

Painting this was more pleasure than work.


Penhallow Street said...

You've captured her vivaciousness. Nice portrait!

mcoker said...

Absolutely. You can feel her warmth and charisma - awesome job.

Oh, I responded to an old comment (sorry, just saw it) - splat.

Sarah Hazel said...

Thanks. :)