Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Canoe Buffalo Bayou

The bayous around Houston aren't exactly known for their cleanliness. When we talked to one of our daughters shortly before our canoeing adventure began, she said, "Are you crazy?!! Don't fall in! You'll end up with three arms instead of two." (I'm not sure if she was talking about us growing an extra limb, or perhaps bumping into someone else's missing body part....ew. Either is a legitimate possibility.)

Our canoe guide had a quite a lot of information to share. I zoned out for most of it. When he pointed to the same tree for the fifth time, and said, "Look, there's a crepe murder (myrtle)."...well, it got old fast.

Mostly we saw trash, large amounts of trash; trash on the banks, trash in the trees, trash in the water. But we also saw cute turtles, chirpy cardinals, scary snakes, a 4-5 foot long alligator, a beaver (I think), and poison ivy.

All in all, it was a pretty great day.


mcoker said...

How cool! And I thought Town Lake was dirty! I hear there are lots of 'gators out there. Sounds like you could come back with 3 arms... or one :)

Tricia said...

The alligators would just freak me out! Where exactly did you canoe in the bayou? Like, what part?

Sarah Hazel said...

We put in under the bridge at Woodway and S Post Oak and took out at the bridge at Shepherd, so basically we canoe-d the entire length (plus some) just to the south of Memorial Park.

Sarah Hazel said...

If we did it again, we would want to put in at Shepherd, and take out at Allen's Landing downtown.