Monday, March 30, 2009


This morning, on the way to one of my favorite resale shops to look for a lampshade for an art project, I was detoured around some road work. No problem, it was a very small inconvenience. As I approached the re-routed street, I noticed a helicopter overhead. Then two, three helicopters hovered almost directly overhead. As I looked to the left, there were several emergency vehicles at the intersection I travel through all the time! It's not a major thoroughfare. In fact, the street on which I drive is a semi lazy neighborhood cut through type street. Apparently, I just missed two fire trucks colliding into one another with such an impact as to knock one truck on it's side, and onto another car, which knocked over a light pole, which (what I heard) fell on a lady riding her bicycle.

The accident occurred at the corner of Dunlavy and Westheimer.

Needless to say, it's trippy to consider that this intersection is in my stomping grounds. It could have been me, or any number of my friends who live and work in the area.

No lampshade, but I am alive and uninjured, completely unscathed.

Thank God for detours.


Lis said...

Yes, I'm glad He is God and not me!

shanna said...

Mark and I lived at Kipling and Mulberry (two blocks from Alabama). I always thought that was a dangerous intersection (the light was always really short). But wow - that's crazy!

Sarah Hazel said...

It was crazy.