Monday, July 05, 2010

Time To Rest

For the entire week last week, I didn't paint once. Maybe the unrelenting rain in Houston dampened my spirits a bit, but it doesn't seem right to use that as an excuse. The truth is, besides some art related paper work, I've been a little afraid to start on this next project. It's a portrait commission.

Portrait commissions, for me, are intimidating. They are tricky (in part) because three things need to happen. One, the person who commissions the artist needs to be happy with the finished painting. Two, the subject of the painting needs to be happy. And three, I need to be happy with the finished painting. It's hard to please all of us.

But today, I actually put paint to the canvas. And as overwhelming as it was to start, it's a good beginning. It's to the point now, though, that the painting needs some time to rest. The more I look at it in this incomplete state, hopefully, the easier it will be to see what it needs to be finished. Plus, I've got some issues to work out regarding the background. That'll take some time to figure out, too.

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