Monday, July 12, 2010

What's Happening

So many people have been asking about my hair since my self induced home hair cut about a month ago. It's short, frizzy, and uneven. People have been really kind about it in person, for which I am grateful. This photo is with the addition of fancy conditioner in my hair. See? Still frizzy.

Our downstairs a/c is on the blink again. It's hot outside, therefore it's hot inside. At least the upstairs a/c is working, and a tiny window unit that cools our 120 square foot study. When at home, most of the day is spent in the study.

The suburban isn't working, either. We've run out of gas a few times lately, which apparently isn't good for cars these days. It's probably the battery; that, or a repeatedly clogged fuel line. At least Reese's car is still going strong.

Thankfully, the Amazing Reese fixed my bicycle. It had been stuck in third gear. Because of the reluctance of the bike to move quickly when starting in third gear, life and potentially instantaneous death took on new meaning at every street crossing.

Fact: It is unpleasant to ride a bicycle to the grocery store in this heat.

The Salon des Refusés exhibit opening was packed Friday night. It was wall to wall people, inside and out. See the link for photos courtesy of Emily Sloan. I forgot to take pictures.

My newest portrait commission is in the works, but progress is very slow. It'll get there...just taking a bit longer than expected.

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