Tuesday, October 12, 2010


In preparation for this super busy fall, (between now and the end of November I have 16 different art due dates and events,) I spent the day cleaning and organizing the art studio closet and desk....which wasn't on today's list, but as I was moving things around trying to look for something, I bumped into the turpentine which spilled all over some unused canvases and the floor in the closet, and as I was trying to scoot the canvases around to clean the floor, I bumped something else which spilled, and by then it was easier to just take everything out and re-organize and clean the whole closet. I even fixed a broken closet shelf with some epoxy (instead of screws and nails) and consequently got a little loopy from all the fumes, being in an unventilated closet and all. Duh.

Then I spent some time toning a canvas for a particular project that is due in less than two weeks. Toning is when one mixes oil paint and turpentine to paint a thin layer of color on the canvas, (instead of always starting a painting on a white canvas surface.) I used to never do this, and now I almost exclusively do it. It's a great way to use leftover paint and for whatever reason, psychologically, it's easier to begin a painting on a toned surface versus the typical white canvas.

Maybe it's the fumes, because even though I've made a dated list of when everything is due and taped it to the mirror in the studio, I'm still a little confused as to what exactly is due when.... What am I forgetting?

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