Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pink Chucks

Lately, I've been working toward getting ready for a 12" x 12" show at Betz Gallery on November 6th - 25th. All artwork in any media is considered for the show, as long as it fits the 12" x 12" format. It's not a size canvas that I normally work with, and it's been relatively restrictive (for me) as far as what can fit on the canvas.

For this painting, I was inspired by Vincent van Gogh, who painted several "portraits" of old work shoes in his day. These are my favorite everyday shoes at the moment. It's hard to leave them set up in the still life and not wear them until I'm finished with all the fine tuning of the painting. As silly as it sounds, I really miss wearing them. FYI, if the top lace hole is left unlaced, the shoes are easy to slip on and off.

A couple of weeks ago, I painted The Yellow Plate in preparation for the same exhibit, and have painted some sunflowers, too, that I've yet to photograph.

Three paintings can be entered for the jury process in the 12" x 12" show. What that means is that all three paintings might not be accepted in the show....AND, I'm not even sure that this painting and the sunflower one will be dry enough in time to enter them in the exhibit anyway.

Time will tell.


mcoker said...

Well done! I love the lighting, feel and very creative composition on a 12x12 canvas. Sweet kicks, too. They stood out in the "Highs" photo.

Sarah Hazel said...

You, sir, are good for my, I mean, soul. ;)

Tricia Bores said...

Ahhh, love this painting!! Now, I'm wondering about my word verification in order to leave this's hotsy (must be talking about you)

Sarah Hazel said...

Sweet cousin! I love you.