Monday, October 04, 2010

Scissor Hand to Heart

The Amazing Reese came into the art studio yesterday and exclaimed, "Wow. Those are some big @ss scissors!" He promptly went to find the camera to document the work. The scissors have to be big and sturdy. I'm using them to cut through steel sheet metal preparing for Lawndale Art Center's Annual Retablo Exhibit and Gala. The due date for the finished work is this Thursday so guess what I'll be working on all week?

Some of you will remember this Diva Hair painting from a few months back. It's painted on panel and was specifically cut for the retablo exhibit which specifies a maximum finished work size of 12" x 14". Since then, I've been thinking and thinking of how to incorporate the metal retablo into the work.

This years retablo offering is still evolving. Quite by accident, I've ended up with more than a few tiny steel hearts because of trying to make one perfect heart, which, as we all know, is not possible. One heart led to another, and before I knew it, there were hearts out the wazoo. (not really)

Seeking sympathy for suffering for art's sake, what I was trying to show in the photo was the bruise on my hand from using those big @ss scissors, though it's virtually impossible to tell. Looking at the photo now, the old Shakers' saying comes to mind, "hands to work, hearts to God" -- always a good thing to remember, and practice.

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