Thursday, September 22, 2011


Oh! This is the fifth year (five years -- wow) that I will participate in Lawndale Art Center's Dia de los Meurtos Retablo Exhibition. Each year, the artists are given an 8" x 10" piece of sheet metal that must be used to create some sort of retablo, or tribute to a loved one.

When creating a traditional retablo, one becomes emotionally attached to it. At least I did. For that first retablo,(seen here -- 2007), I painted a portrait of my grandmother who died when I was 10-ish. Of all the art I have created over the years, THAT is the one piece that I would like to buy back. Well, maybe some day.....

My idea of how to incorporate the sheet metal in the retablo has evolved over the years. That first year, my retablo was very traditional in thought and execution. The subsequent years retablos are here -- 2008, here -- 2009, and here -- 2010. This year, I'm "sort of" copying a painting of's an interpretation of childhood.

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