Friday, September 09, 2011

Heartful Thinking

Well, this is a start....for the heart. The American Heart Association asked me to turn this heart shape into a work of art for one of their "Go Red for Women" patrons. This is what I've done (so far) based on the patrons answers to some very basic questions I asked her -- things like what's your favorite flower, color, artist, etc. (Guess what her favorite flower is?)

Because I painted a practice study (seen on the wall behind the giant pink heart), it was not quite as scary to paint these rather large calla lilies on the art heart. And because I painted another giant heart not too long ago, it wasn't as scary to get started painting this one.

As ridiculous as it might sound, it took every ounce of my brain power to come up with what you see in these photos. It isn't finished. It's in a let-the-paint-dry-for-a-few-days-before-I-do-anything-else phase. My brain is working overtime trying to think of what to do (and how to do what) next. This quote from Mohandas Gandhi seems to go along with how I feel about this project at this point, though I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about a giant six foot tall Styrofoam heart shape:
Culture of the mind must be subservient to the heart.


sarah diama said...

sweet! I did find you again! Sarah, I found your blog again, and have you on my reader - what fun (finally learning how to use the reader thing to read blogs)! I really love the calla lilies - remind me of Diego! good to 'catch up' on your blog, xoxo

Sarah Hazel said...

Thanks Sarah! I really appreciate being on your reader thingy.