Thursday, October 27, 2011

An Ordinary Day

Tilly and I go for a walk every morning while it's still dark. It's actually more of a stumble than a walk. If I look sleepy, it's because I am. On this morning, I'm overdressed, but Houston had a cold (high 50's) morning the day before and I don't do well with cold. The sweatshirt is an old one from University of Hawaii days.

After we get home, I make myself a cup (bowl) of cappuccino. Mmmmm, coffee. Reese buys the beans from Lola Savannah. After careful and studied consideration, my favorite roast is espresso dolce. Hmm, I usually watch the Today show and check e-mails (and facebook) while enjoying my coffee.

Because the dishwasher is broken, I hand wash the dishes -- some of which are leftover from the night before. There are ALWAYS dishes to wash.

On this day, I meet a friend at the museum. After touring the exhibit on etching, Alison and I look around for some museum favorites. In all my years of going to museums, I've never seen a gallery in this state. So cool. I wonder what amazing artworks are in all those crates.

An upcoming art project will be a mosaic. It took several days to sort these glass tiles. There was so much tile to sort that I suffered from decision fatigue for several days afterward. It was the nuances of color that did me in -- dark blue, turquoise-y blue, light blue, etc. Silly, but toward the end of sorting my brain really was fried. This was only one table top full. There were three table fulls altogether. In the end, they were sorted into 15 different colors, of which the small bag of periwinkle (not seen here) might be my favorite.

Another chore. The vacuum cleaner is held together with duct tape. Even so, nothing sucks like an Electrolux. (Somebody has to do it.)

There's always time in the day to visit neighbors. This cutie (and his mom) is an adorable three year old full of a contagious amiable personality. Sadly this day, we were all outside because one of our other neighbors had a health emergency. (See the ambulance in the background?) Maybe Tilly and I can visit that neighbor on our next pet therapy trip to Methodist.

Tilly and I go on an afternoon/early evening walk. On this walk we hear a rousing outdoor concert at Rice University. So fun. In the crowd surrounding the band, we see a lady holding a monkey AND a man juggling while riding a unicycle. True story.

After supper, the Amazing Reese and I go meet our friends brand new baby. This baby is beautiful. And, believe me, Danger is his middle name. It really is. Danger. His middle name.


James Everett Newman said...

Literally "Danger?" Literally literally?

James Everett Newman said...

Also, those crates remind me of the room at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Sarah Hazel said...

Yes, literally Danger.
Raiders -- yes!