Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yellow Painting - 1968

At the Menil Collection, this bright canvas is the first thing that one sees when entering the main reception area. There's a large pouf ottoman in the middle of the expansive foyer. It was on this pouf, while obscuring the camera from an exceedingly friendly receptionist, that someone enthusiastically and covertly snapped an unauthorized photo of the painting with me in front. The painting is called Yellow Painting/The Color Men Use When They Attack the Earth by Walter De Maria.

Yellow is my favorite color.


Alison said...

One night after dark, when Justice and I were new to the area, we took an evening walk and strolled by the Menil. Through the front doors, we could see this yellow canvas with a gorgeous harpsichord open in front of it. It was a stunning visual. I believe it was a concert by Mercury Baroque, but I'm not sure. We slipped in to listen to one of the pieces before continuing our walk. That's one of my favorite memories of that neighborhood.

Sarah Hazel said...

Then you understand. It's a surprisingly powerful piece.