Saturday, December 03, 2011

Wormwood Pine

Some women buy jewelry. Some women buy shoes. Some women buy new clothes in every season. Me? I spend my birthday money (thanks, mom and dad) on a dusty old dresser from a neighbor's dusty old garage. This beauty is my newest project. Don't know what I'll do with it, yet. After cleaning the layer of dirt off, the old wormwood pine definitely needs to be given a dose of linseed oil. I'll probably only use some Butcher's Bowling Alley Wax on it after that.

It's old enough to have been made out of square tipped nails. Cool.

And these knobs are like none I've seen -- the inside is a wooden screw peg that attaches to the outside knob. Sweet.

It's got some nice dovetailing details on the drawers, too.

Now, this old dresser will never be featured on the Antiques Road Show. The previous owners attempts at repair are crude at best. That top right drawer front is a lost cause. But it has character, age, and possibilities of wonderfulness. Plus, I really like it.


Michelle said...

Fantastic purchase! I've not bought many pieces of furniture in my time - but the ones I have - I love so much. Look forward to seeing how this old girl oils up, and any future enhancements you will bring.

Sarah Hazel said...

Thanks, Michelle! I've already cleaned out numerous roach egg nests, and several dirt dauber (a type of wasp) nests inside the drawers. Thankfully, they were all old and inactive. Still yucky, though.