Friday, January 17, 2014

Liberty Kitchen on a Wednesday

Yes. I'm still here. It seems that I've temporarily forgotten how to say things. Or perhaps didn't feel as if I've had anything to say. Either way, life is a little emptier when I don't write. I love writing. Why did I stop for so long?

Liberty Kitchen on a Wednesday -- that's where one can find the best fried chicken in Houston. Trust me. I've been on a quest for a while and eaten fried chicken all over town and this place knocks it out of the park. But they only serve it on Wednesday. And when they run out, they run out. I'd love to meet for an early lunch at Liberty Kitchen on any given Wednesday. Call me. Or text. Texting is good.

Art -- consists mostly of a few (two?) visits to the MFAH, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, and Lawndale Art Center. I haven't painted creatively since my self portrait on my 50th birthday. That's just sad.

Lawndale Art Center -- community volunteer coordinator for the Hair Ball, which means that my name gets put on the host committee list, while sweet Emily actually does all the work. She should get the credit, not me. Well, I am grateful to be helping Emily a little bit. She really is a sweetheart. Now, to figure out what my hair do will be next weekend -- or hair don't.

Tilly -- still a Wonder dog, but we took a few weeks off from our hospital pet therapy visits due to the holidays. We'll get back in the full swing of things in February.

Chores --  been working on a lot of chores around the house -- stuff that's been left undone for years and for myriads of reasons is now getting done. It takes loads of time to do these chores and none of it is very exciting, so I just haven't written about it. I've been painting (rooms), organizing, rearranging furniture, deep cleaning (closets/garage/drawers/baseboards/etc.), throwing junk away, caulking, and just a bunch of other mundane boring chores.

See? The Amazing Reese, Tilly, and I are making sure the bed we just moved into the downstairs bedroom is stable enough for guests. It is.


Robinsline said...

""Stable Enough for Guests" should be your motto!

Sarah Hazel said...

That's hilarious! So many connotations!