Monday, February 19, 2007

Finding My Glasses....Again

As usual, we forgot the camera on Saturday night for the gallery opening, so no pics. We also forgot business cards...oh, well. Other than those things, the opening reception went wonderfully well. All the artists had friends and supporters attend on their behalf. It was great to see such a cross section of art and a variety of friends. The one constant was that no one was there who didn't want to be there, so everyone had a great time.

After the last show in November at Baquero Gallery, I went out and got a new pair of glasses. They are soooo much more comfortable than my old pair. Even so, at times I take them off and leave them places, especially if people are taking my picture. Someone was taking photos Saturday night. Because there is always a glare when I leave my glasses on for a photo, and because I'm vain, I took them off. Eventually, as Reese was walking by, I slipped them into his top jacket pocket....only Reese didn't know that I had put them there.

As we were getting ready to leave at the very end of the evening, I patted Reese's blazer pocket to make sure my glasses were there. They weren't. So I asked him if he put them somewhere else (?) thinking,

"No biggie."

But they were no where to be found, and Reese was adamant that I had NOT put them in his pocket. We couldn't find them anywhere. It was too late and we were much too tired so we went home.

After church on Sunday, and after The Chinese New Years celebration, we headed back to the gallery to look for my glasses. There they were, twisted, lens popped out, and smushed in the dirt outside the back door of the gallery. Reese had helped Mandy take out the garbage the night before and they must have slipped out of his pocket. And since he wasn't aware that he needed to keep a watchful eye out for them being that he was totally unaware that they were in his jacket pocket, they had disappeared into the blackness of the night.

One of today's chores is to get them re-adjusted.

All's well that ends well.


Indy C. said...

¡Hola Sarah!
You don't know how much I enjoy your writing! Even when you don't have pictures to post I do love the way you write! have you ever thought about writing a story or something and then ilustrate it later? Would be awesome!

Sarah Hazel said...

Thank you Indy! Writing is as much of a pleasure for me as painting.

Indy C. said...

I can see that! I tell you again, I really enjoy the way you wwrite!
Greetings to your family!