Friday, February 02, 2007

Small Gesture

It's always a treat to have the house full. As you may or may not know, my studio doubles as Erin's bedroom and the guest room. With Grace staying with us, I moved out of the studio for the week. This is a mixed blessing. For one thing, it has postponed likely frustration with the background of a painting in the works. The painting in question is something that I sketched months ago, started painting last week, and then cleared out of the studio. Just as well. Even looking at it now, I have no idea how to complete this painting.

Another has given me some time to catch up on art reading, though not enough. As a largely heretofore self trained artist, I absolutely rely on art magazines, art how-to books, and art coffee table books. I have my favorites, and these are always good refreshers for looking at technique.

And lastly, I've begun a life drawing class. The first class was just preliminary introductions and supply list week the *nude model* comes to pose. It's called gesture poses. The model holds a pose for 30 minutes or so while we draw. Good grief. I just hope it's not one of my neighbors. Awkward. And I also hope that I don't get the business end of the male model. Ew. I don't want a sketchbook full of that. This will be my gesture if I do get that pose.....

Oh, dear.

Did I mention that I'm taking this class with my 20 year old (on Valentines day) daughter? That part was an accident, honestly. She had signed up for the same class at a different time, and then changed her schedule. I just hope it's not too weird for either one of us.

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