Saturday, February 24, 2007

Quick Draw

One thing we did in Wednesday's class was "contour drawing." We drew the model's contour/shape in a continuous line without looking at our paper. It's a bit trippy to see the results---very modern. I like it and might try to incorporate this technique in a future painting. Wednesday's model was Frederick. He definitely spends time in the gym.

Friday's model was Kristina. I think she knew full well that from my vantage point, the pose was going to be difficult to capture. She's leaning back on her elbows in a reclining position with her legs crossed. My easel was at the tip of her toes. Kristina looked straight at me right after she set the timer, and laughed.

The last pose of every class so far has been twenty minutes. Right now, while still learning the quick draw (gesture), I'm also experimenting with the variety of color in the pastel box. With oil paints, one can mix endlessly to get an exact shade for a precise purpose. With pastels, the color palette is limited, but not necessarily restrictive. It has hampered me a little bit to use pastels, but also the restraints of matching shades exactly must be abandoned. Therefore, the juxtaposition of colors becomes a delightful exercise.

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