Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Funny Valentine

Since yesterday was Anna's Valentine birthday, and there was a place available, I sat next to her in our life drawing class. During one of the model breaks, the teacher, Patrick Palmer came over and asked,

"So, how are you two related?"


Anna has been an artist for almost all of her life. When she was almost three she drew a picture for me that I still have on the refrigerator. It has faded a bit and the edges are browned, but for a three year old, it's an incredible piece of art. Her interest in art continued as she grew. Anna's determination, sense of perspective, and patience with details has yielded some delightful artwork over the years. She still possesses all of those qualities and she still produces wonderful art.

In class, at some point, Patrick has us walk around and look at what our fellow classmates are drawing. Even though we are all sketching the same model, we all bring a unique take on the pose; plus we are standing in a circle around the model, so we all have a unique view. Often my favorite pose of the whole class is on Anna's easel. Maybe someday she'll let me share some of her sketches on this blog. In the meantime, you can see her house portraits by clicking the Anna Hazel Art link on the right.

It's been a tremendous blessing to be her mother, and an extra treat to be her friend.


mcoker said...

You guys' connection sounds awesome. I'm glad you pointed out her site... as many times as I've been here, I've never looked at her work. And you're absolutely right, it's so very cool. I would love to see her stuff showcased on your site!

Sarah Hazel said...

Me, too.