Wednesday, May 07, 2008

For Work and Pleasure

Yesterday was spent painting Little Joe; something I have planned since March. That's actually not a bad turn-around for me. Some paintings (or ideas for paintings) have been in the works for years.

A patron has recently commissioned me to paint something precious for them. Because my time has been divided between pursuits, some art related/some not, I felt a bit rusty. One of the biggest reasons for me to paint Little Joe now was to get the eye of the tiger back.

This is exactly my vision for this painting. Now to work on the commission....


Anna Hazel said...

who is little joe, he looks familiar

Sarah Hazel said...

Little Joe is the kid I supervised at the rodeo. Since I posted this photo, I worked on it a bit more. It looks even better now.

Also though, Anna, he kind of reminds me of Frederick from our life drawing class.

Joan Breckwoldt said...

Sarah, this painting is beautiful. This little guy has so much personality, and you've captured it, giving the painting a lot of charm. Wonderful!