Saturday, May 24, 2008

Green Myth

When people asked me what I did yesterday, I replied that I painted. Nothing unusual in that; people have come to expect that reply from me. What I further explained was that it was nothing so wonderful as a painting on canvas....I painted four bathroom walls.

Several weeks ago, I was finally disgusted enough to rip the wallpaper off the walls in the bathroom. Because of high moisture in such a tiny space (we live in an old house with original baths,) mold had been thriving under and behind the wallpaper for some time. Gross. Over the course of several days I tried cleaning/ killing the mold on the wall. First I tried Tilex. Didn't work. Then I tried ammonia. Didn't work. Then I tried baking soda. Didn't work. Finally, the bathroom walls got scrubbed with toilet bowl cleaner. Success!

All this time I had been testing paint color samples, too. Deciding on Pratt and Lambert's Green Myth (#18-6) took almost as long as it did to clean the walls. It just so happens that Green Myth is the perfect split complimentary color, according to the color wheel, for our house.

Notice the arrows on the color wheel. Ming Red is the color of our dining room. Our living room is Iced Celadon; the top arrow points to the color that it mostly resembles. The new bathroom (and soon to be kitchen color) is the other split complimentary to Ming Red. It's called Green Myth, and isn't as deep a yellow-green as the arrow is pointing to, but isn't quite as light as the next shade closer to the center of the wheel.

That's what I painted yesterday. A bathroom.

Tonight we're driving to Galveston for Art Walk.


reese said...

Iced Celadon? Green Myth? Ming Red? Who gives birth to these colors and gets the delightful privilege of naming them?

Sarah Hazel said...

THEY get to name the colors....

Joan Breckwoldt said...

Sarah, How exciting, you're on your way to Galveston right now. I can't wait to see pictures of the Art Walk. The weather is clear and I'll bet it's even a few degrees cooler in Galveston (than here in Houston). Hope you're having a great time!

Anna Hazel said...

that's a very green green. it's going to be weird coming home next time... then again I shouldn't be surprised, should I?

Sarah Hazel said...

It's a very green yellow green. I love it more and more. The kitchen and downstairs hall are now the same color. Tomorrow I paint the downstairs bathroom. Mimi and Papa will probably freak.