Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Paint By Numbers

What kind of sermon illustration will I be? Yesterday, a pastor from the Vietnamese Baptist Church came over to tour the studio and do an interview as part of a sermon on creativity and the arts. He brought a fella along to videotape our interview as well. It was a first for me. Super nice guys; they made me feel completely at ease; hopefully whatever I ended up saying will be well edited. The pastor sent the questions in advance. Even still, I felt ill-prepared.

The main facet to his questions had to do with the difference between painting by numbers and the type of art I create; and the difference between painting and just taking a photo. Looking back, I still am not quite sure how to answer either question. It must have something to do with my personality type that I was trying to think of the question behind the question. What did he want to prove? That painting by numbers is a valid form of art? That painting is more creative than photography...or vice verse? In my feeble explanations, I neglected to say that when I paint (I've said this here many times,) I focus on the big picture. What's curious about that, is that as I leave out *unimportant* details, I draw attention to, if I do it well, one thing, which in turn becomes the focus, or detail.

Perhaps the question is, how does one incorporate an artistic focal point in one's life and be fully engaged and intentional in how one lives creatively? I hesitate to use the word intentional. It's become such a buzz word, especially in Christian circles. Shouldn't we all live life on purpose? Even painting by numbers can be done intentionally. At least some sort of creating is getting done. Like my grandmother used to say, "I'm going to do something, even if it's wrong." Not to be cavalier, of course, but do something! Painting by numbers is still painting.

To completely change the subject and explain the photos, last night a small crowd of neighbors all came over for cake and cupcakes. I love our neighborhood. In truth, we were celebrating friendship, but it also just so happened to be Jenni's extra bonus!


marylamb said...

cupcake parties! yay!

Sarah Hazel said...

Good times for everyone!

mcoker said...

That's great! You're an inspiration :-)

Excuse my dummyness but do you know what the difference between your art, painting by numbers, photography, etc has to do with the sermon? It sounds fascinating.

Sarah Hazel said...

Hopefully they will send me a link. I'll let you know....

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah

an honnor to have my picture on your blog !

We made it safely home and air india was fine. The plane was delayed 3hours but because of a huge thunderstorm otherwise everything went smoothly.
We are out of internet for at least 3 weeks but we still manage to read and send email.

All the family sends lots of love the wonderful Addison community.

Talk to you soon on skype

Kind regards to Reese

Sarah Hazel said...

We miss y'all. Glad to hear you arrived safely and that all was well with Air India.