Friday, May 16, 2008

Welcoming Tidbits

If you are here because of the Houston Chronicle artbeat blog article, welcome.

After much ado, as of yesterday, I've finally gotten all the bits in place for the mosaic. They aren't actually set and grouted, but are placed where they need to be....according to me. One of my favorite vases (and prop for still lifes) met an untimely demise, and is now a beautiful bit of sky. (See vase in Magnolia painting.)

Also, I've gathered and coordinated enough bits of copper, saw blades, and plumbing parts for eight more clocks. These are time and labor intensive to make. The plan is to start a clock making assembly line and work on all eight at the same time.

So far, the commission (which must remain a secret) is really taking shape. I ran out of Holbein silver white paint, though, so had to stop and order some from Amazon online. There is no Holbein silver white paint available at all in a 30 mile radius of the greater Houston area. One would think that in a city as diverse and cosmopolitan as Houston, that someone somewhere would have a 110ml (3.7 fl oz) tube of Holbein silver white oil paint. If it's here, I couldn't find it.

The Amazing Reese has been working on frames for the paintings that will be in Simply Art Gallery in Galveston. A year ago when someone bought something and wanted it framed in one of Reese's gallery frames, we "borrowed" a frame from our daughter Joy's painting. In addition to everything else, he finally replaced that one for Joy, too.

It's been a busy week.


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I saw you when I clicked on this am to check the weather! Congrats!! So proud to know you!

Sarah Hazel said...

I'm just as pleased to know you, too, Missy.