Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All Akimbo

It seems as if painting's in limbo
my brain and paintbrush all akimbo
don't know what to do
besides crying boohoo
or try painting (again) just this once mo.

From whence shall come more inspiration
while spring is all springy elation?
You'd think it's be easy
new flowers all tease-y
(I think my brain needs a vacation)

So instead of painting, I'm baking
and cooking while thoughts are gestating
I sure hope this slump
is no more than a bump
in the road to a muse re-awake-ing.


Hilary Mills Hazel said...

I wish I were eating your cookies

Sarah Hazel said...

Mmmm....cookies. Yesterday, I had cookies for, at, or after breakfast, lunch, and supper.

J. said...

The poetry part of your brain is still working just fine!

Matt watched this last weekend: and really liked it. Perhaps you need to give your Muse a talking-to.

Sarah Hazel said...

Thanks so much friend. To hear and watch that at this point was perfect timing. ¡OlĂ©!