Sunday, March 07, 2010

All Jacked Up

The old 1993 Buick Roadmaster has been on the blink for well over a month. And because things have been rather tight at our house financially, there just hasn't been money in the budget for the luxury of having two working cars. On most days, it's easy enough to live as a one car family. But this winter, it's been cold and rainy, and riding a bike to the grocery store and church just isn't as much fun in bad weather. Not that I'm whining....I enjoy a good challenge, and coordinating our schedules around the one working car has been a kind of game.

But NOW, thanks to our friend Mike, who actually enjoys working on cars and helps others out of the generosity of his heart, the car is completely and totally fixed. (It was the starter.) And even though I love riding my beautiful yellow 1973 Schwinn 3 speed, it will be awesome to run errands in the car today, especially since it's dreary, drizzly, and chilly here in Houston.
(My task was to stay close that 911 could be called in a case the car fell on top of them. That's the Amazing Reese on the right, and our friend, Mike on the left.)


James Everett Newman said...

Congratulations - I'm so glad for you.

Sarah Hazel said...

Thanks, Yames. Do they call you Yames in EspaƱa?

erinhazel said...

i need someone like mike to come help me with my car that's been sitting on our curb for approximately the same amount of time as yours.