Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dust Enough

Several weeks ago, sweet daughter Anna suggested that before the house art show (on April 8th, 6-8pm), it would be a good idea to dust. She knows that dusting (for me) is not a top priority in life. That said, I do believe that it's just good common courtesy to have a relatively clean home when entertaining. Not all the time, maybe, because then we (the proverbial we) would never "show hospitality." The point being that if we all waited for the house to be spotless before we had people over, then we'd NEVER have company...because the house would never look or be good enough. Remember our saying? Confession time: sometimes I use it (the saying) as an excuse to NOT dust. (but my mom already knew that.)

So, I was planning on dusting anyway, cheered on by Anna, but the reason for starting today is that someone requested a private pre-viewing of the art before next week's show. (They will be here in a few minutes.) It's a good thing, too, that cleaning type work started on the house today, because there's still so much dust left to dust. (They assured me that the house need not be dust free in order to see the art. In fact, the exact quote from them was, "Don't dust! Hell, we wont be able to breathe!")

AND, it seems like a mistake, now that the work has begun, that I started cleaning the inside of a few windows, too...because now I can tell how dirty the windows are on the outside. Oh, well, live and learn. (To tell the truth, I'm not sure what I'm learning, but there's a whole lot of living going on around here.)

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