Wednesday, April 07, 2010

101 Paintings on View

On view, for the House Art Show tomorrow night, (April 8th, 6-8pm, 2315 Addison Rd, Houston) will be 101 paintings. The house isn't that big...there are paintings everywhere; sketches, too.

If the math is right, I've painted 175 paintings since November of 2004, just over five years ago. It seems weird crazy that I had never picked up a paintbrush before then, and now there's this, by sheer numbers, body of work that has been accomplished in a relatively short time frame.

Based on at-large response, we're expecting a decent crowd for the House Art Show. With that in mind, some furniture has been moved to the garage to make room for people to mill about the place, and see all the art. It seems silly, but I feel like I'm slightly betraying the furniture. More than anything, it would be great for everyone to get the total Hazel experience, and honestly, I feel like the furniture is part of the Hazel House "package." Ridiculous, I know. This is my (rolls eyes and shakes head) public apology to the poor chairs and things resigned to the dark lonely garage for the duration of the show.

For those who attend who haven't been here before, remember to go in the back yard if you haven't seen the mural, yet. Just to repeat, art work is all over the house....upstairs, too. Enjoy yourself. Oh, and put your name and contact information in the bowl for the painting give-away.

Sarah Hazel Open House Art Show
2315 Addison Rd, Houston, Texas
April 8th, 6-8pm
Light refreshments will be served

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