Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Treatment

Scene: House Art Show. The house is full with art, patrons, and friends. It's noisy with background chatter -- like the sound of a typical Hazel party; adults and children interacting comfortably and with enthusiasm. Reese, Sarah, and Carolyn, a long time friend, are in the den, a long, thin, wood panelled room with large windows toward the back of the house. Reese offers Carolyn some wine.

Reese looks at Carolyn: "Would you like some wine?"

Carolyn, thinking with one raised eyebrow for a split second, then heartily agreeing with a twinkle in her countenance: "Sure. What the heck? I'll have some wine."

Reese, the consummate host, looks at Carolyn: "Red or White?"

Carolyn smiling: "Red. Red sounds good."

Reese, looking beyond Carolyn at another lady, Jen. He raises his eyebrows and asks Jen if she wants some wine: "Jen?"

Carolyn -- laughing, but with a questioning "WHAT?" look on her face: "No, I don't think that I need any GIN. Red wine is OK. I'll just have a red wine."

Reese doesn't notice, nor, apparently does Jen.

Sarah talks under her breath to Carolyn with an amused look on her face: "I'm sorry. We don't have any gin. There's a lady named Jen behind you."

Both Carolyn and Sarah are immensely amused by the play on the word "gin" and both start giggling and squirming with laughter. Reese, oblivious to the situation, hands Carolyn a glass of red wine.

Carolyn graciously accepts the wine.

All photos are courtesy of Hilary Hazel.


Kristin Smith said...

No, I don't think I will have any gin either. Too funny. The house looks so wonderful. You guys are so hospitable. Sorry I missed the show. But glad to have had my own private viewing.

Sarah Hazel said...

Are you sure, Kristin? No gin?
The house, no matter what, has always been photogenic.

Els Hoefakker said...

Hi Sarah,
I did the open house go? I'm sorry that we couldn't make it, with my parents in town and all. I hope you sold a lot of paintings, i know i love them!!

Sarah Hazel said...

The open house was fun. We missed you, though. :)