Thursday, April 29, 2010


Blog Entry Ideas

1. two simultaneous John Singer Sargent exhibits at MFAH
2. Alice Neal exhibit at MFAH, movie, finding Ginny Neal's glasses
3. the old air conditioner and new old a/c
4. Hawaii high school friend coming to House Art Show
5. Russian friends coming to visit
6. Houston/Austin friends
7. being sick (and tired) for two weeks
8. being extremely frugal except when painting
9. how long it takes to work on portrait commissions
10. how it feels to paint...
11. the importance of naps

Ideas for Paintings

1. Reuben from Jamaica
2. El Mariachi
3. Reese singing with the Mariachis
4. Sarah & Reese dancing
5. little girl laughing
6. girl reading
7. lonely bicycle
8. amaryllis before the bloom fades
9. roses from the back yard
10. scene from the studio window (?)
11. night sky and shadows
12. Mary
13. neighbor lady at the wedding
14. studies of shapes and colors at Rice University
15. the neighbors' 100 year old trees
16. assorted views from the front patio
17. mother and child, child nursing
18. siblings holding new baby
19. Houston old buildings and warehouses in Midtown
20. Japanese Garden (again)
21. portraits of people at Bike Workshop
22. portraits of my neighbors

Ideas (dreams) for House & Garden

1. paint the living room happy yellow
2. plant hydrangea so that I can see it always from the kitchen sink
3. re-design and re-shape the front garden (scoop in instead of out)
4. clean and organize the garage
5. turn garage into art studio
6. build patio area for the grill in back yard
7. replace window to hopefully fix leak in entryway
8. finish caulking and painting ceiling in study

Ideas for Life

1. write a book
2. write a book
3. write a book


Kristin Smith said...

After all that thinking you most likely need a nap!

Sarah Hazel said...

Thinking makes me hungry.

Michelle said...

Write a book!

Sarah Hazel said...

So far, I can't think of a cohesive enough story about which to write.