Monday, April 12, 2010

Loose Ends

This lovely flower arrangement was given me by two sweet young girls who came with their parents to the House Art Show. The girls picked the flowers themselves. It reminded me of my own sweet daughters who used to delight in bringing me flowers that they had picked in the backyard. So precious.

It's extremely flattering to know that people enthusiastically appreciate my work. Just one of the many nice things that those in attendance last Thursday said was,
"Thank you for welcoming us into your awesome home! In addition to observing your fantastic artwork, I observed many in attendance and all were appreciative and truly inspired by your art."
Twenty paintings and two sketches sold (so far) through the House Show. Wow. Thanks y'all. Even though 20 paintings sold, there are 80 paintings left on the walls; something for everyone -- come see for yourself!

As previously mentioned, for this show there was to be an apple painting give away. The guidelines for this particular give-away included the names entered from the last painting give-away. The Amazing Reese held the bowl high above my head so that I couldn't see which name I was picking. A long time reader of the blog and personal friend, James Newman won.

On Friday for lunch, Hilary and I went to the Rice Gallery artist talk AND the student run exhibit space, Matchbox Gallery. Another good friend and student at Rice was exhibiting in Matchbox Gallery... located in the courtyard of Sewell Hall, which turned out to be off the beaten path, down a twirly staircase-- and locked -- though we could see her work through the front French door type windows.

The Rice Gallery show was quirky and fun, and will be on view all summer, so if one is so inclined, by all means, go see it.

Hilary and I often go to the Rice Gallery talks. This go around, we met a lady who was there with her 45 year old daughter. They first started going to the gallery together when her daughter was 20. It was fun to think that in 25 years, Hilary and I might still go to the gallery talks with each other. I hope we do.

It just so happens that I was wearing one of my vintage jewelry pieces. The same super sweet lady (doesn't she look nice?) used to work for Tiffany's, and after careful examination of my necklace, convinced me that it's silver, even though it's unmarked. (It's the same necklace that I'm wearing in the photo below.)

As if all of that isn't exciting enough, on Saturday night, Reese and I had the pleasure of meeting, listening to, singing with, and dancing to the lyrical, jazzy, boogie woogie blues music of the legendary and incredibly great pianist, Johnny O'Neal. This guy knows how to play! He's extremely unassuming and humble in person, but sit him in front of 88 keys and be prepared for heart throbbing, toe tapping, body swaying excellence.

(He played the role of Art Tatum in the 2004 Academy Award Nominated film Ray.)

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