Monday, February 14, 2011

For Reese

Roses are yellow
Carnations are pink
I love a big fellow
who never wears pink

Sunflowers, poppies
iris and daisy
my love for this man
is borderline crazy

By that I mean it
grows and it grows
like flowers in summer
and pinkish primrose

It's Valentine's Day
but it feels like another
Fourth of July
my heart's all a flutter

My heart skips a beat
when he walks in the room
26 years and
our love still in bloom

What will we do
tonight for each other
Loving for ever
sweet nothings to utter

I cannot express
in one silly poem
suffice it to say
my heart is your home.

A daisy is white
a rose sure smells sweet
Let's have a bite
of something to eat.


Thanks for the dog
I sure do like Tilly
and thanks for the house
I mean it. Yes, really.

Thanks for the hard work
and loving me still,
thanks for our daughters
thanks for the thrills.

Thanks for the fun times
thanks for the sad
thanks for the life
together we've had.


Reese said...

Thanks ... I love it!

Sarah Hazel said...

I love you.