Saturday, February 05, 2011


Chores are like weeds. They grow in spite of repeated attempts to get rid of them. The thing with house repair chores is that for every one that gets written on a list and consequently eradicated, more spring up in its place. It IS a wonderful thing the inside of our bathroom cupboard got painted yesterday. What became glaringly obvious afterwards was that all of the bathroom trim needs a once over. Minus one add one....this is progress?


No one ever said that these house repair chores would be exciting. Heavens, what could possibly be exciting about painting the inside of a bathroom cupboard EXCEPT our two dogs keeping me company and the satisfaction of a job well done? OK, maybe not well done, but certainly good enough.


When Hilary saw the "after" she said, "Everything is organized EXACTLY the same only exactly the mirror image." Well, she's mostly right. To be fair, I've never claimed organization as one of my strong suits. It is nice to have a fresh coat of paint on these walls and shelves, though.

This is me teaching Tilly to go into her cage at night.

This is Tilly saing, "Hey! Where did you go? I thought that we were in this thing together?"

We are, sweet Tilly. We're in this for life.

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