Friday, February 18, 2011


Tilly caught her first fish today. I was amazed, proud, and slightly disappointed all at the same time. Poor little fish.

Tilly pulls when we go for walks so this week we've been focusing on leash manners. All of the dog training advice says to keep changing direction when the dog starts pulling. We change direction so often that we end up walking in circles. I get dizzy.

Yesterday, I strategically placed lawn chairs in the back yard so that we could practice her following my lead without the distractions of being on the front sidewalk. We walked in and around the chairs over and over again. We do all right together until she sees a squirrel.

This afternoon Tilly was on her leash tethered to the lawn furniture while Hilary and I worked in the front yard. She chewed clean through her leash....twice. Her actions can't have anything to do with leash manner training....can they?

Tilly is napping at my feet as I type this. When she sleeps she relaxes. When she's relaxed, she toots. Right now it STINKS in here. Guess what just happened.

In addition to all of the Tilly training, I did take time to paint. "Big Trees" is both true to life and filled with imagination, if that makes sense. It was the neighbors trees that I wanted to paint, not the cars, houses, and trash cans around it. So after the tree shape was corrected, I took the painting to the studio. and then had fun with the rest of it. This painting might actually be finished. I'll let it sit for a week and then decide.

There was also time to work on chores. (House repair chore -- replace two tiles in bathroom and re-attach towel bar -- done.)


Lauren said...

this is beautiful. i like your realism and your imagination.

Sarah Hazel said...

Thanks Lauren!