Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Paint and a Pint, Trick for a Treat

It's slightly overwhelming to think about, but last week I compiled a list of 80 household repair chores that need to eventually get done around here. It's probably idyllic to think that I can get one chore done a week -- but that's the idea -- one house repair chore and (at least) one painting per week. It sounds pseudo doable, right? So last Friday, I scraped and painted the back door.

Because it was glorious weather AND a Friday afternoon, after scraping and before painting, my neighbor, daughter Hilary, and I walked down to the pub for a pint. Besides, Sherwin-Williams was a block from the pub and I still needed to buy the paint for the back door.

The Gingerman serves a cask-conditioned Saint Arnold Elissa IPA that is truly divine. Just looking at this photo makes me thirsty. Yum.

One chore done, and 79 to go.

Our new rescue poodle Tilly gained four pounds just last week alone. Our 13 year old toy poodle Skipper only weighs four pounds in all! Tilly gained a Skipper's worth of weight. OK, the vet weighed him at four and a half pounds, but little Skipper was also wearing his sweater, collar, and leash at the time.

We're working on lots of new tricks and good behaviors with Tilly. One of the behaviors we're teaching her is to go into her kennel at night on her own without whining. To encourage this, we put a handful of dog food at the back of the cage. When she goes in to eat the food, we say, "Go to bed. Good girl Tilly. Good night," and close the cage door. Obviously little Skipper has noticed this ritual, because last night, just as I was getting a handful of food as enticement for Tilly, all four pounds of Skipper walked into Tilly's kennel and sat expectantly waiting for a treat. Of course I laughed. When he didn't get a "treat" right away, he performed another trick. It was adorable. That Skipper's a smart one. Who says that you can't teach an old dog new tricks?


erinhazel said...

hahahha i laughed when reading the skipper story. glad that little one's still alive and using his brain cells. adorable picture of dad with tilly! looks like fun times at the gingerman. love you.

Sarah Hazel said...

It WAS funny to see tiny little Skipper in Tilly's enormous cage. Love you, too.