Monday, March 07, 2011

Happy Days

When we first moved into this old house, it had a screened porch (of sorts.) In reality, the rotted screening did nothing to keep out bugs and mosquitoes. Every now and then we would have lunch or supper on the porch, but in effect, it was unused space. As our daughters got older and space became a valuable commodity, it became evident that something needed to be done to the "screened" porch. Enthusiastically, I decided to enclose Reese drew a diagram for me showing how to frame windows and run wire.

Week after week, board after board, from the floor plate to the wiring to the window framing and even a built in bookcase, I built our new study / computer room. The room even passed city inspection thank you very much.

Delightfully, in the last few weeks, two of our grown daughters have moved back home. (Three of the four are living here.) But that meant that the house needed to be rearranged to accommodate everyone and their things. The former screened porch former study computer room has now become a very pleasant art studio. There's still some tweaking to be done, and I've yet to actually use it -- that's today's work -- but I'm looking forward to happy days of painting ahead.

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