Thursday, March 31, 2011

Heart Unveiling

The Go Red for Women art heart unveiling event last week was super wonderful AND at my favorite restaurant, Brennan's -- yum. (That the event was at Brennan's didn't have anything to do with my attendance, though it didn't hurt.) While sipping on red wine (for heart health), we learned in an informal presentation that the number one killer of women is heart disease. Also, five times as many women die from heart disease than from breast cancer. That's a big statistic.

At the end of the evening, Reese and I headed downstairs to the bar for a bowl of turtle soup, a Brennan's signature dish (probably not on the heart healthy menu.) In a transcendent state of conciousness from the deliciousness of the soup, somehow it registered that we didn't have a single photo of the heart and me from the evening. So, after (literally) sopping up the last drop of soup with crusty white bread, (also not heart healthy,) we headed back upstairs to take a photo, just before the heart was to be taken out of the ballroom.

Fellow artist Kermit Eisenhut's heart is behind mine, with the yellow roses and the stars and stripes, and a sliver of a glimpse of artist Nicola Parente's heart behind Kermit's.

Here I am with Kermit -- super nice guy.

And this is me with fellow artist Nicola Parente and Michael Piana, both also super nice.


On a personal note, my own grandmother died suddenly of a heart attack when she was 63. I was 10 when it happened, and remember the deep grief of realizing that she wasn't HERE anymore. As a child, we would visit our grandparents in North Carolina every summer. Usually, when we were leaving, Grandma would cry and hug me (us) all tight. The last time I saw her, the family was driving away in the station wagon, and instead of crying, she was laughing and running beside the car while waving good-bye. That's a good memory.

I still miss her.


Reese said...

You got me a little verklempt with the Grandma Mills story. So, that's why our daughters and you chase after cars as our friends and loved-ones drive away :)

Sarah Hazel said...

Yes, chasing cars is genetic. : )