Thursday, March 17, 2011

Heartily in Favor

The American Heart Association has a campaign that focuses on bringing awareness to women that heart disease is their number one killer. The campaign is called Go Red For Women (usually symbolized by the red dress). There are numerous volunteer groups that promote the Go Red cause. One of those groups is the Circle of Red. The Circle of Red is under the Go Red umbrella and is comprised of 11 women who have volunteered and financially supported the Go Red cause. As part of their membership in this exclusive Circle, these women will receive an art heart, one of which I was asked to create.

The Circle of Red has given to the campaign, so the art hearts indirectly assist in raising funds and directly help build awareness. The hearts are to be unveiled to the members of the Circle of Red next Thursday evening at a private event.

In this final phase of preparing my heart, after consulting two different art supply stores and a hardware store on how to seal it, I went with the advice from the hardware store guy. A minimum of three coats of Rust-Oleum crystal clear enamel will be applied to it, with drying time in between. It's such a tall piece that I had to climb on a ladder to be able to evenly and effectively spray the protective finish on it.

Also, in anticipation of the heart unveiling next week, as silly as it sounds, instead of cutting my own hair, I actually went to the salon for a proper hair cut. Even though I'm mostly confident in my own hair cutting abilities, it usually takes about a week or so of snip snip snipping before the hair is properly even and all that. This way, with the heart unveiling next Thursday, I'll not have to fret over whether my hair looks OK or not. Well, at least if it looks goofy it won't be from a bad cut. It will just be from misbehaving hair.

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