Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Spring Verses Winter

In winter sleeps the morning sun
whose rise is slow and sure
In spring the morning starts to rush
the dawn is quick, then done

It's noisy in the springtime, yes,
the land has been at rest
A slower pace in winter months
gives way to busyness.

A shouting match starts off the day
between the cat and jay,
and then a man begins to mow
and blow the grass away

One might assume that all is new
and great because it's spring
It seems my mind is winter full
and springy thoughts are few

When will the paint flow free again
and inspiration come?
Abide my soul till that day soon
and I will paint the land

Come join me one, come join me all
let's paint together now
that spring has come. Come sunshine fill
the air, my heart, my whole.


erinhazel said...

you wrote this?

Sarah Hazel said...

Yes. Yes, I did.

Reese said...


subrudon said...

It, indeed, is excellent!