Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Finish, Not to be Confused with the Finnish

It's a start, and maybe even a finish. It's at least finished for now. Instead of using linseed oil, I used The Natchez Solution, a furniture refinishing product bought years ago in Mississippi. It worked like a charm! The dresser soaked up the oil and is showing off her splendorous beauty.

While I was working on the dresser, not wanting to be left out, Faithful Tilly came in for a visit, which included her repeatedly licking a dresser drawer, which initially I didn't notice, but when I did it kind of freaked me out. Thinking my next four hours were going to be spent in the doggie emergency room getting Tilly's stomach pumped I hollered, "What are you doing, ya' goofy nut?" Tilly looked at me and said, "What?" Not really, of course. She's a dog. But her expression was conveying something very much like "I'm a dog. This is what dogs do. Why are you surprised?" Then it occurred to me that The Natchez Solution is an all natural product. I read the back of the label and sure enough, it's made of beeswax, mineral oil, and lemon oil, which is not toxic at I tasted it, too. (I didn't lick a drawer like Tilly did if that's what you're thinking. Give me a little credit.) Not bad. Not bad at all.


Mitch said...

I'm gonna have to try me some of that Natchez! Nice work.

Sarah Hazel said...

After you use it on your furniture, add some vinegar and put it on a salad.